Candy Wrapper Bag.!!
Or Reused Paper / Milk Cartons

by Jam
No Sew Bag from  Candy Wrapper. You can use many types of reused material to make one of these bags. candy wrappers, reused paper, also toilet paper roll !

I interested in DIY Bag made from recycled potato chip or candy wrappersbut I have no sewing skill  : (  One day I found this milk carton bag.
 How to make bag from milk carton.   
NO SEWING !!    \(^0^)/ 
DIY by NOK Precision Component (Thailand)

 These milk carton bags made, use and sell in minimart as welfare for employees.  Also used as gifts or souvenir for compamy's customer to raise the awareness on the environment hazards.
I made my first basket one from milk cartons as the original tutorial.

But this basket made from toilet paper rolls.
 Although toilet paper roll is not water resistant material 
and no colours, but it is clean and no odor.
Howerver, toilet paper roll is not easy to work with
because of the rough surface. 

Later, I made these baskets from old magazines,
just similar but not the same as originl method

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