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How to Fold or Weave Bracelet from Drinking Straw 3

by - 2:08 AM
DIY Weaving Bracelet the end part. The picture below show another reused meterial you can cut in strips and weave/fold to make a bracelet.

Woven Bracelet  from Milk Carton/Tetra Paks.

After you weave it long as you want.

 The side you weave is inside or wrong side of the bracelet.

Outside of the bracelet.
This is the side which we'll show.

See the line or the parallel of the weaving.

Tuck two end together by using the parallel as the guideline.
Take the blue right end and bring it through the left end of the bracelet.
See the picture below.

 Pull the right blue through the yellow left end.

 Now you can see the parallel of the weaving more clearly.

 Use the parallel of the weaving as the guideline to join the end together.
   Then take the red drinking straw below.

Pull the red drinking straw through the blue that in the same line.
Fold the excess and tuck it inside.
You can choose and design your own color woven bracelet !

Use different meterials for different style.
If you like woven bracelet, please leave a comment
I have another smooth edge style !!

 You're welcome to use my content if you link back
and credit  as the source. Thanks!

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