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How to Weave Old Plastic Bags to New Bag 2 !!

by - 6:18 AM
Continue weaving old plastic bags to newbag !!
No crochet skill require just "weave" over and under!

After made the cardboard loom in

Making "Yarn" from plastic bags

Cut the handles and down the side of plastic bags  to flatten them out. 
(The bigger the bag you make the more plastic bags you will need !)

 Fold your plastic bag length wise then one or two more times.  
Cut the folded bag into strips that are about 1 and 1/2 inches wide.

Unfold these strips and knot one through the other.
 Pull gently, add another strip and repeat to make the yarn.   
Continue joining all of plastic bag strips or knotted only 4 - 5 strips
then adding to the end of the 'yarn'  when weaving. 

Begin to weave the bag

 Tie one end of  plastic bag strip (plastic bag yarn, or 'plarn')
to the thread at the corner as the pic shown. 

Weave the rest of the plastic bag (plastic bag yarn, or 'plarn')
under and over the (green) warp thread.
(Under, over, under, over, under).

In this step you can use a ruler as a shuttle makes weaving quicker.   

When you get to the edge, note whether you went over or under last 
and do the opposite on the other side. 

When you get to the end of plastic bag yarn, or 'plarn',
tie on another plastic bag and keep going.
Attach more plastic bags as you go.
Weave the plastic bag over and under the (green) warp thread.
(Under, over, under, over, under).
Weave each row in an opposite pattern as the previous row.
Continue weave plastic bag over and under the (green) warp thread.
 Continue weave as you prefer. 
Now, it's time to remove new weaven bag from the cardboard loom. 
Tight the end of plastic bag yarn with the (green) warp thread.
Cut the (green) warp thread across the top edge of the loom.
You should cut them two at a time, then tie them together before cutting anymore. 
  Tie the (green) warp thread that are next to each other together 
then flip it over and do the same.
 Finally pull the bag off the cardboard loom.
Adjust the bag by pulling it however you want to.

New woven bag made  from old plastic bags !
You can also make the handles as you create, for example 
braid or twist plastic bag, turn inside out and fuse or tape on the bag. 
Although, my first new woven bag from 'plarn' is rather simple.
but I hope you find it useful.  :D  
If you have any idea, advice or made it your own,
please sharing !

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