How to weave "basket" from paper or plastic strips 1

by Jam
You can weave a basket from many different meterials not only from palm or coconut leaves but also reused paper, old magazines, coffee bags,drinking straw,  plastic strapping etc.

 I so interested in Welandra's woven basket from coffee bags
but I can not find howto  (T _T)

  Although, She noted it weaved in traditional birch bark basket technique

  but many tutorials I found show the finished basket not look like hers
 so......I guess, test and use my weaving basic skill   
Finally ! I can made it !!
Woven Basket from Paper

My tutorial is rather long so I divide it in 4 parts.
You should read them through before really beginning.

 In this tutorial I cut a paper into 8 strips  2cm wide and 40 cm long.
(Finished bottom basket size =4*4 cm and height = 12 cm)
This size is small but easy to control the strips when I take a photo.  :P

Begin with...only 4 vertical and 4 horizontal strips
   You can use many strips as you prefer later when you have mastered this.

Weave the vertical strips and  horizontal strips together.

Just   under, over, under, over as shown.
 This square is the base of the basket.

And 4 sides will be the wall of the basket.
Start to make the first wall by weaving the top side.

Find the two middle strips of this side.
(very easy because there are only 4 strips    :P)

Hope the number on the strips can help more.
The two middle are number 2 and 3, begin weave them together.
Notice #2 is over the horizontal strip.

Weave #2 under #3
 and over #4

Then weave #1 over #3  and under # 4

Over, under, over, under already weave first side now !

Continue weaving all sides to start forming the basket.
In the beginning some of the strips tend to move out of their place.
I think some clothes pegs or paper clips can be helpful.
This will prevent  efforts from unraveling as you continue weaving the next part.

Then weave 4 sides together for forming the wall of the basket.
Begin by joining A side (top)  and B side (right) together.

 You can see the bottom of this little basket now.


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