How to Fold Square Box with Lid 2.

by Jam
  Continue Folding  Square Box with Lid 

Last step in How to Fold  Square Box with Lid 1 

Continue folding as shown.

 Folding C. to D. in half side way.

 Creasing well.

Notice blue dashed line and fold it as shown.

Creasing at the red line.

Notice the red line (near the finger point) press it down.

(Top side view) Press this part down.

Red mark is the box's corner. 

 Inside (one piece of) box.


Fold the excess in.

  Already hide the excess , then fold other 3 pieces.

The left of picture is the first finished piece.
Tuck it into another piece in the right.
Put 4 pieces together as a box.

Finished the box.

Choose harder paper for better angle(corner) and best shape.

(Outside the basket view)
To make a lid  continue  How to Fold  Square Box with Lid  3.
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