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How to weave rose ribbon 1

by - 8:49 AM
I folded roses from ribbon for the ceremony.


Pre-monk throw these coin in ribbon (fabric or paper) flowers to the crowds in Buddhist ordination for donate to the poor. Many guests also try to keep it as virtue coin to bring good things for them. 

How to weave rose ribbon pinerest pin it   Як ткати троянди стрічки
 How to weave rose ribbon.
Cut your ribbon to 4 strips 12 inches long for one rose.

Fold the ribbon as shown...not quite half ?!?
The shorter above will be the base.
And the longer below will be the petals.
as the left picture below.

If you fold the ribbon in half, the right long base rose is yours !


  • Fold the ribbon in half and fourth lines, weave the ribbon as shown.Pull to tighten, then place a coin in the center.
  • Weave 4 short lines above then pull to tighten as picture below. 
Don't forget to cut and lay the ribbon tip as shown. I will tell the reason later :P
    Now...there are 8 lines and the coin is inside, turn over.

    Then weave 4 short lines together.
    This side (short lines) is the base.
    ( You can change the base length as you prefer when you have mastered this.)

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