How to weave rabbit from ribbon

by Jam
Put  lucky coin or tiny thing in this Cute ribbon rabbit for rabbit lover !!

Not difficult. You can learn from clip video step by step.

Cute ribbon rabbit tutorial is similar Thai dessert  wrapped in a banana leaf on my another blog.
(it should be green as banana leaf but I use different for colorful)

  • Use 12 mm wide ribbon. Pull it 70 -80 cm. Wait to cut after done and desire the length of your rabbit's ears, so you can save your ribbon. 
  • If the tip is too long, you can pull it tight or cut it off to make the tail. 
  • Choose color of rabbit as you prefer, may be different color for tail  and body.

 My Channal PlayandcraftBlog  

Cut short ribbon for tail as left or right pic.
Also cut into small hairs.

Tuck and glue.

Design our own rabbit's ears.  Short or long, double layer.
Use knife curl the ear a little.   (^_^)

D .   I .   Y .  Done ! It 's Yours !

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D . I . Y .
Done ! It 's Yours !
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