DIY "Milk Carton Basket" No Glue part 3

by Jam
Continue Weave "Milk Carton Basket"  No Glue  part 3

 Weave the front and the side part together.

B. and C. will be the bottom of the "Milk Carton Basket"  
(You can weave bigger as you need)
Fold A. up as the front of the "Milk Carton Basket"  
Fold the "loop" B. up, mark it as 1. (See the next picture) 

Put a new strip (2.) in 1. 
Then slip A. through 1.

After tuck them all, keep one new strip.

Put the loop of new strip in left side of 2.
and slip the excess tip through A above.

From last picture above, you already weave first set of the side.(S.1)

Continue to weave full side of the "Milk Carton Basket" 

Slip S.1 through C.......(repeat the same step)

Weave around as you need the basket size.

 Cut the top excess tip as shown in the right of picture,
fold and tuck it inside the milk carton basket.

   And there you have it! A recycled "Milk Carton Basket"
You can also weave the bigger size 
and insert the ribbon between the hole for carrying.
Choose, collect and create a colorful pattern, then make your own!
Although toilet paper rolls are rather rough, no colours.

But easier find and no odors.

Futhermore, I made the baskets from old magazines, not milk carton
just similar but not the same as originl method.
If you interested, I will post this tutorial soon.

This tutorial is rather difficult to compose for me, new blogger.
I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment or some advice
  or contact me

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8 comment:

Anonymous said...

iwant to eaRN money through making eco friendly materials like drinking straws. i am very thankful tothis site because it gives me the ideas of making it. i am expecting for more eco friendly projects. thank you and GODBLESS....

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, thank you so much!

Susanne from Germany

Jam said...

So glad and feel very happy when read your comment !

Hope u see this useful project.

How to Weave "Bag" from "Drinking Straw"

Anonymous said...

Your tutorial is brilliant!

I've made about ten big baskets now and have got another big mountain of milk cartons waiting to be used. Everyone is I know loves the idea.

This is definitely time well spent!

Jam said...

Thanks for all feedback, please leave your name and site that i can connect.

Hope some of you show your basket ;)

Contact me,pleaseeeee.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I copy and paste this post so I can teach others. Why won't the
site let me. WHY????

Jam said...

Please contact me (click)

Jacstar said...

Thanks Jam ! I love my baskets and have put up photos with instructions on my website www.chailife.co.nz. So good for people who brew their chai with milk alternatives!

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