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Fulte or Pipe from Drinking straw.

by - 9:52 PM
Let's make a fun flute from the excess drinking straw you cut

Flatten the end of a straw, and measure to a length of 1/2 inch.
This will be the cutting length. 

Cut the drinking straw into a pointed beak shape with scissors
as the reed, which will vibrate and mak sound.
Put the cut end of the straw or the reed in your mouth,
covering your teeth with your lips and blow hard.
Keep practicing until you make a sound, 
or you can bite down on the straw to flatten it a little more .

Experiment with different sounds.
In order to change the sound of this simple straw flute.
Test to punch one or more holes for shut - open it,
and also blow and cut for more notes.

The high or low tones will change depending on the length of the straw flute.
The sound pitch becomes higher as  drinking straw flute gets shorter.
The strength of your breath can change the tones, too.
You can make just  1 inch long straw flute
that can hide in your mouth and no one can see , but it still makes weird noises !

Play it where people won't mind the sound !!

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