How to Fold an Origami Crane Envelope part 2.

by Jam
From  "How to Fold an Origami Crane Envelope part 1."  continue folding this cute letterfold by following these easy steps. 

Last step in How to Fold an Origami  Crane Envelope part 1.

 Fold the right into the center.
 And also fold the left, creasing well

Bring the uppermost flap down.

Creasing and this part will be the wing of the crane.
Fold left side up.

Then fold reverse to make the "head".

Then fold another side as the "tail".
 You already fold a crane now !

Continue folding each side
except left side
fold them into center.

Fold right side again then also left to cover.

 Finished ! 
You can write or put your message inside your Origami  Crane Envelope now !! 

This is the same style just let the "leg" down.

You can test to change the position of the crane, 
that also change the cover and your envelope shape,too.
 Furthermore, you can decorte or design you own
for example,add a colourful threads, choose colour, use origami paper as you prefer.

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