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How to weave "basket" from paper or plastic strips 3

by - 8:13 AM
Recycling or Reusing Materials you can cut them into strips for weaving the basket  use old paper, plastic, drinking straw. coffee bags  etc. you already have around the house.

It is time to finish off the top edge.

 Last step in
When we have woven the basket to the desired height.
(I weave this in pencil case shape not the basket )

Cut the strips shorter.
I cut rather short for take a photo but you can leave the excess longer.
Then follow exactly the method shown in the pictures below.
 Bend the outside strip (right pink)  
and tuck in the strip (red star) "inner" side

If you left the excess long in previous step
you can tuck the tip in many row (inside)
this help it still place firmly.
 Next, hold the outside strip (purple at the left).
Then bend the outside strip (purple).

And tuck in the pink strip that just bend in previous step

Continue bend and tuck in all strips around.

Cut the excess of the strip that already tuck in.

My woven pencil case.
But the papers are too thin, I should use plastic strips instead  :(

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