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DIY Woven Smooth Edge Bracelet part 2

by - 5:02 AM
Continue folding woven smooth edge bracelet. You can use this tutorial to fold any meterials you prefer for decoration, such as picture frame, gift box, etc.

If  drinking straws remain short.

Just fill another one.

2. And continue folding.







10. Stop when your woven bracelet is long enough.
Left is the beginning and right is the tip end of bracelet.

11. Lay the tip end over the beginning, notice the parallel for guideline.

12. So you can join them together.

13. Begin tuck each 4 strips to its line(or parallel)

 14. Pull it carefully.

 15. Now you already join the beginning and the tip end
as you pretest in picture 11. (see it again to compare !)

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