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DIY Woven Smooth Edge Bracelet. part 3

by - 8:20 AM
Continue folding woven smooth edge bracelet. You can use any meterials you prefer  such as plastic strip, juice carton, paper from old magazines, ribbon etc.

 15. You already join the beginning and the tip end

 16. Now we must hide the excess. 
No ! Not just cut off them but tuck them behind
this also help your drinking straw bracelet stronger, not easy unraveling  
 Fold the right (transparent :P) strip inside the bracelet.

 17. Inner view
Pull this transparent strip through the blue.

18. Then tuck the end tip under the next pink strips.
 19. Outside view.
Fold the white-green strip inside.

 20. Notice the blue parallel.

 21. Inner view.
Pull the white-green strip through the pink
22. Still inner view
And tuck in the blue you saw in 20.

 23. Outside view
Fold the excess pink inside

 24. This excess pink is rather long.
so you can see the end tip that show off from inside
Do notice the paralell (arrow) 
you must pull the pink strip through this parallel inner side.

 25. Inner view
Pull the pink strip through the parallel you noticed last step (pink and blue).



28. Cut off the excess end tip at the point the other strip cover it.

 29. Outside view
Now the last excess.

 30. Fold it the same.

 31. Inner view
Tuck it inside.



 34. Cut off the end tip excess.

 35. Finished !!  Your woven drinking straw bracelet !!

Colourful woven drinking straw bracelet.
 This  woven drinking straw bracelet is stretchy lide rubber band.

Smooth edge bracelet made from paper strip.

But I prefer this Zigzag edge bracelet

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