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How to Make a Bracelet in 1 Minute !!

by - 6:30 AM
Make a Bracelet in 1 Minute !! You can make it during rest your brain for a while at your office or make as a Friendship Bracelet for your friends.

I got naughty idea to make funny bracelet when i was bored,
then play the paper clips on my table.

I hook them around my wrist 
then noticed it look like a bracelet, a Clip Bracelet !!

That's how I can  Make a Bracelet in 1 Minute !!  

Oh !  I know it's too easy !
Let's Make another Bracelet in 5 Minutes !! 

Just decorate a pieces of drinking straws.
Put drinking straws on top direction of clamp as shown,
help it hang firmly not slip out.
Then hook a leg of decorated clip with the bracelet.

 D.I.Y. Bracelet in 5 Minutes !! 
 Done ! It's Your !  Clip Bracelet in 5 Minutes!

You can decorate it as you prefer, such as colorful clips.

Add colorful straw heart, Star or Hexagon from dringking straw.  
See "How to fold heart from dringking straw"

 Make your own bracelet and sharing how long you make and design ?!?!

You're welcome to use my content if you link back and credit
 D . I . Y . Done ! It 's Yours !: as the source. Thanks! 

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