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"Weave" Plastic Bottle into a Vase and others.

by - 5:44 AM
Maybe you ever read DIY a Vase Out of a Plastic Bottle, but I will show other project that I made by the same tutorial.

My second Wind Chimes made from plastic bottle, cap and lid of can.

Top of wind chime made from bottom of plastic bottle.

I made the top from plastic bottle.
I weave the edge as this plastic vase. [Click here !]
You can see some part of tutorial below.


I also made a cup with the lid from plastic bottle.

credit :  wikiHow
Based on work by TOHGIN minako, Puddy, Chris Hadley, Savanna Morough, Krystle, Eric, Charlie Kreitzberg and Maluniu
You're welcome to use my content if you link back and credit
 D . I . Y . Done ! It 's Yours !: as the source. Thanks! 

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