How to Fold Square Box with Lid 4.

by Jam
hLet's folding Square Box with Lid  in last step here.
How make a lid for the square box that we just finished in part 3.


 Notice 2 red *
Fold  the sharp angle at the bottom to the left (another red *)  

Creasing the red line and press it firmly.
See the wing above the finger, pull it down.

Top veiw
 This is inner of the lid, then turn to the outsider. 

Tuck the red part into the edge below.

Finished one piece of lid.

Folding more 3 pieces then put them together as the box.
This is inside the box view.

 D. I .Y.   
Done! It's Yours !  Square Box with Lid 
Choose size and color of paper as you prefer.

I keep the excess to teach children folding shirt, boat , ring etc.
 and collect them in this  Square Box with Lid. 

Have fun with it!
D. I .Y.   
Done! It's Yours !

You're welcome to use my content if you link back and credit
 D . I . Y . Done ! It 's Yours !: as the source. Thanks! 

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