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How to Weave a Basket with Handle from Magazine Paper 2

by - 5:45 AM
 Continue weaving a basket from magaine papers and add a handle.

Woven basket from magaine papers
I don't want to fold or simply wrap the duct tape cover the top edge.
So I choose another method to finish off the top edge.
Notice the green strip (with red stars) that is the basket's rim.

I weave a new one (white strip) runs along the outside of the rim.
You can also weave another on the inside to make the edge stronger,too.

Take the end of the vertical strip
and bend it around the outside of the new white strip.

Then move onto the next vertical strip and do the same again
but obviously from the other direction.

Continue around the whole of the top of the basket.

D. I .Y.   
Done! It's Yours !
Woven Basket from Magazine Paper.

 You can weave the handle as this woven bracelet.
 Smooth edge see the tutorial DIY Woven Smooth Edge Bracelet.

Woven Basket with Handle from Magazine Paper.
Design your own basket from any paper and reusing meterials you have
such as magazine, newspaper, ribbon, plastic trap etc.

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