How to Weave a Basket with Handle from Magazine Paper 1

by Jam
 I love to weave and reuse papers for my project. 
So I like to weave many baskets from papers in different style.

 My Woven Basket from Paper  (Third Style)

  A recycled "Milk Carton Basket"
You can see my first woven basket style from Milk Carton.

Let's start to Weave a Basket from Magazine Papers.
Choose size, color and source of papers as you prefer.  
I cut each of magazine page in half along its length, 
then into quarters, then into eighths.
Making each strip stronger in this step by folding it in half lengthwise,
then again lengthwise into quarters, then into eighths as shown.

Start by weaving the vertical strips and horizontal strips together.
 Just under, over, under, over as shown.
Pink square is the base of the basket.
  You can use more strips to make the desired base size as you prefer.

 To make a start on the walls of the basket fold strips upright around the sides.
You can use clip papers or clothes pins to hold each strip in correct position.  
 Then weaving in horizontal strips around the basket
until the walls are the desired height. 

Use and remove clothes pins as necessary.
However as the walls of the basket are high
 it will be holding itsself together well.
Tuck the end of each horizontal  strips under the vertical .
Be careful to keep your strips upright and parallel as you weave.  
Try to tighten gently the basket for the best shape.

 If a strip is too short you can take another strip and put it over the top 
overlapping them by a few inches and then continue weaving.
Continue weaving until the walls are the desired height.
Now you can simply fold the vertical strips over to the inside
and hold them with staples, or cut them off.
Then wrapped the duct tape cover the top edge


See another method to finish off the top edge
and weave a handle
How to Weave a Basket with Handle from Magazine Paper part 2.
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