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DIY motorcycle from cheap lighter step-by-step 1.

by - 9:15 PM
Here's the tutorial to  make a motorcycle with a lighter
 step-by-step  (picture).

tiny little motorcycle made from lighter  LIGHTERCYCLE  bagaimana sepeda motor dari ringan    la forma de la motocicleta de encendedor   wie man Motorrad aus leichter  la forma de la motocicleta de encendedor    मोटरसाइकिल के लिए लाइटर से कैसे
My first miniature bike made from two disposable lighters.

KHJANE's lightercycles
 I try and lastly found DIY  motorcycle with a lighter 
  a very detailed step-by-step posted by  "KHJANE"  

Use only two cigarette lighters
 (Although I used the cheapest but it worked :P )
Pull out the plastic frame and other parts of lighter

Using pliers to remove the gas valve of the lighter.
Press it down and remove the part inside.
Keep the orange piece for decorate the lightercycle.

 also remove the plastic frame.

All parts of two lighters used for the making of the minature motorcycle.
Put gas release (the flat) back into the frame.
Use pliers to pinch very careful, not to tear it.
  Put another gas release on.

  Decorate it.  


Credit : "KHJANE"Thaiairsoftgun
How to make motorcycle from the cigarette lighter : Step-by-Step Video

and my  motorcycle with a sidecar... coming soon :P

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