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How to weave rose ribbon 3

by - 8:54 AM

DIY Rose Ribbon (with coin inside)

 How to weave rose ribbon 2  2.yellow 3. pink 4. blue

 1. Stack then twist clockwise twice or more as you prefer.
2. Gently twist out the innermost (Red) tuck into the gap under the base.
th the yellow, do the same in next step.

3. Twist and tuck the yellow as shown.

4. Twist and tuck the third pink.

5. The last is blue then tighten all.

No need to cut the tip because of my trick
 in first step --  How to weave rose ribbon 1   ;P

Left : twist the middle more and pull tighter = short base 

Right (rather wrinkled after photography)  (^__^!)
fold all ribbons quite half (part 1), loose = long base
My two tone rose ribbon.
Fold and twist for different base and petals as you prefer.

if you like these flower ribbon please Like , comment, i will show other type.

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