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How to weave "Golden bag" from ribbon

by - 8:07 AM

How to weave "Golden bag" from ribbon for souvenir or put little things in them as gift bag.
 weaving ribbon how to weave palm leaf ,souvenir ,put lucky coin

I folded these little bags  from ribbon (and ribbon flowers)
  for the ceremony.

as I post in Roses from ribbon  (click link)

Don't cut the ribbon now !  Don't waste it !
 Only pull it about 50 cm. long, weave and cut it when finished.

 You can see  on my channel
or this clip below.

You can tuck or tie as you prefer (clik part 2) 
...and change "Golden bag" to "Silver handbag"  (^_^)

D. I .Y.   
Done! It's Yours !

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