Reuse Yogurt Bottle/Containers.

by Jam
This an idea to reuse Yogurt Bottle or Containers by easy method.

 You can decorate the outside of the container, see this link below
Then cut it down as shown, for make it as a Memo Holder.

Cut it like this.
Add marbles, decorative stones or anything you can find
 to provide a weighted base, so you can use it as a Paper Weight.

if your container is rather short and easy to pick
you can also keep little things such as paper clips.

 Memo Holder+Paper Weight+Pencil Case
 Yogurt Bottle/Containers
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sabkon wells said...

hii. quite creative ideas on reusing common wastes. i have been using many recycled items my self. especially recycled containers. for more info do check out..

Recycling Plastic Containers

Logan J. Skew said...

hey, I always thought what I will do of my empty Yogurt bottles. Great content.

Collapsible Bulk Containers

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