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How to Reuse Paper as Gift Bag.

by - 11:19 PM
Folding your own gift bags from old (but beautiful) magazines, brochure etc.
ถุงของขวัญ souvenir bag

Choose the page you prefer.
 Place the picture at the middle.

Its' size depends on how large or small you want to make the gift bag.

Fold the bottom.

You can leave both sides flat.

or fold them like this.

The bottom of the gift bag from old magazine.

You can also see this clip.
How to make recycle bag from newspaper.
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 ถุงของขวัญ souvenir bag
 "Gift bag" from old magazine.

ถุงของขวัญ souvenir bag
The left bag, hole many punches just for different style :P

ถุงของขวัญ souvenir bag
You can add   "Macrame' bracelet" 
to decorate you gift bag or use as the handles.

D. I .Y.   
Done! It's Yours !
You're welcome to use my content if you link back and credit
 D . I . Y . Done ! It 's Yours !: as the source. Thanks! 

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