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How to Weave Crab from Ribbon/Coconut Leaves 2.

by - 6:32 AM
Continue fold or weave crab from ribbon or use other materials such as palm leaves into strips , drinking straw as you prefer.

 Finished woven crab's body

Turn upside down, open up the strip  above 
then cut a slit as shown.

Pull the strip down and inserted the tip into slit,
 then fold back two strips (left and right) as shown.
 These two sides will be the "claw".
Fold the end of tip and...

Then trim and decorate it as claw.
Cut each strip  below into four small lines.
Fold each line, trim and decorate them as crab's legs.
Don't forget the eyes, put them into the body.  

Woven drinking straw crab !  
 D. I .Y.   
Done! It's Yours !

You're welcome to use my content if you link back and credit
 D . I . Y . Done ! It 's Yours !: as the source. Thanks! 

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